by Pollogen®

Our Apollo TriPollar system uses radio – frequency (RF) technology for non-invasive facial and body contouring. The results are amazing and you should expect immediate and long-term skin tightening and rejuvenation, fat reduction and body contouring as well as cellulite reduction. It works extremely well when used in combination with the UltraShape┬« which is a fat cell destroying system also available here at Sanctuary Med Spa

Is the TriPollar technology safe?

Tripollar technology is FDA cleared and has been proved safe and effective in clinical studies. RF has been used in medicine for over 75 years. In aesthetic medicine, RF has been used for more than 10 years.

What does a TriPollar Treatment with the Apollo system feel like?

A TriPollar treatment feels like a warm massage. It is pleasant and pain-free. Some patients fall asleep during treatments due to its therapeutic nature.

What is the down time after a TriPollar treatment?

There is no down time after a TriPollar treatment. One can resume regular activity immediately after the treatment.

What does the patient need to do to prepare for the treatment?

There are no special requirements or preparations for a TriPollar treatment.

How many TriPollar treatments are recommended?

The standard protocol is 4-8 treatments depending on area and condition to be treated. Touch-up treatments are recommended over 4-6 months to maintain and improve the treatment results

How long is the treatment?

The duration of the treatment is 30-45 minutes

How soon can I see results?

The majority of patients are able to see visible results immediately after the first treatment.

How often should I have the TriPollar treatments performed?

It is recommended to space the treatments between 4-10 days.

Should one drink water after each TriPollar Treatment?

It is a good idea to drink water after a TriPollar treatment to refresh and to improve drainage.

How soon after pregnancy can a TriPollar facial treatment be performed?

A TriPollar treatment can be performed 1-3 months post-pregnancy, (as long as the woman is not breast feeding and depending on general physical health

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