UltraShape® Body Contouring System is a non-surgical, non-invasive, body contouring treatment that uses pulsed, focused, ultrasound to destroy fat cells and deliver noticeable results.


Experience UltraShape® and its fat destroying benefits at Sanctuary Med Spa under the watchful eye of our certified medical professionals. Unlike other painful fat-reduction procedures that use heat or cold, UltraShape® utilizes ultrasound waves in a painless and effective procedure painless that leaves no visible scarring or signs of treatment.

No Down Time

UltraShape® is a  Liposuction Alternative that’s non-invasive and can fit into your busy lifestyle. This non surgical and non invasive procedure uses no incisions or anesthetics.

Is UltraShape® right for me?

The ideal UltraShape® candidate has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less and can pinch an inch or so of fat around their middle. Schedule a private consultation with one of our medical experts today to see if UltraShape® is right for you.

What should I Expect?

After a private consultation and once your personal treatment plan is completed you are ready for treatment. On the day and time of your treatment come in and relax in our private treatment rooms. A specially designed belt will be wrapped around the targeted treatment area and a soothing gel will be applied onto your skin. A  specially trained UltraShape® technician will glide the UltraShape®transducer over the treatment area, gently delivering painless ultrasound pulses. Treatments normally last less than an hour.